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No...it isn't a typo, It's our mission. At CHEEERS we believe the path to recovery takes work in key areas. Achieving a healthy, meaningful life takes more than just changing the dialog in our mind. Using our shared experiences, we focus on empowerment, education and employment...the three E's.

Our Mission

We strive to empower individuals and families affected by behavioral health conditions to achieve a healthy and meaningful life through the use of recovery-based community services and our shared experiences.
Our program is designed around the belief that emotional health and physical health are interconnected. CHEEERS' programs prepare participants to make healthy choices for a stable and fulfilling life. In addition, we offer many on- and off-site activities to promote community integration and socialization among all of our participants. 

Lastly, we love helping our participants find employment. Our staff is equipped to help everyone navigate benefits, find volunteer opportunities, and access supportive employment resources. Our Pre-GED program prepares individuals at any educational level to take the General Equivalency Diploma test and we offer classes to strengthen math, computer, reading, and writing skills.

Why the 3 E's?

CHEEERS Recovery Center is a non-profit community service agency serving adults with behavioral health challenges. We provide Recovery Support Services through our classes, groups, events, and one-on-one support, all given by state-certified CHEEERS Peer Support Specialists. 

Our primary focus is in these areas: 

  • EMPOWERMENT is key to our program in helping our participants identify and utilize their strengths in order to advance their recovery.

  • We provide EDUCATION and resources, so that our participants can promote understanding and work to de-stigmatize mental illness and substance abuse.
  • EMPLOYMENT is  a primary goal so that our participants  develop job skills to move forward in their lives with hope and purpose.