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Support CHEEERS while you shop through our Community Rewards Programs with Fry's and Amazon.  All of your purchases benefit CHEEERS. Click Here for our AmazonSmile link. Connect your Fry's card to CHEEERS, just Click Here.  Our  Agency # is 30396.

Charitable Tax Credit


CHEEERS is a participating organization in both the State and County Employee Contribution Programs. To learn more, Arizona State employees can visit the SECC.

For information about the Maricopa County Employees Combined Charitable Campaign, visit their Facebook page, Click Here.

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We are always looking for great volunteers and interns! If you are interested in helping serve our CHEEERS community, Click Here to download a volunteer application.

CHEEERS Recovery Center is a Qualifying Charitable Organization. Up to $400  (if filing a single return) or $800 (if filing a joint return) of your donation may be deducted dollar-for-dollar from your taxes if you qualify. That means every penny you give will directly reduce the amount you owe or will increase your tax refund. Consider CHEEERS at tax time.

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